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Taylor Chevrolet has always been a family-owned and operated business. They opened on July 19th, 1971 and sold their first vehicle a few days after that. They delivered their last new vehicle on April 26th, 2018 to a person in Maysville. The dealership is under new ownership. The community wants to thank the family for the 46 years they were in business in Maysville.

Wayne Colhour has chosen to close his blacksmith shop after 41 yrs. In Maysville, MO. The Colhour name is synonymous with blacksmithing. Wayne is a 3rd generation blacksmith and the skills have been taught and passed from one generation to the next. The P.A.C.A. members wish to thank Wayne for his support and for all his years serving the community.

​​Business Directory

​​​​​​​​​   DeKalb County was organized February 25, 1845, and was named in honor of Baron Johann de Kalb, a Frenchman who fought with Lafayette during the American Revolution.  The earliest white settlers of record to this area was Samuel Vesser, making a temporary home near Stewartsville in 1824.  It was not until 1844-45 that appearances of the pioneers made their venture into the wilderness to what is now known as Camden Township and the city of Maysville. 
   On May 25, 1845, the county court of DeKalb County was formally organized at the home of Thomas Hunter.  The log residence of John Buckingham, about 1 ¾ miles southeast of Maysville, was used for the circuit courthouse.  It was decided to construct a building to be used especially for court purposes, and a small structure was built on Block 2 immediately east of the public square.  The county officers moved into this building in early 1847.

    This first courthouse was a primitive structure built of logs with two rooms, each about 15 feet square.  The interior was as rough as the outside, but such was the spirit of economy of early officials.  This log cabin was in use 3 years.
   This marked the beginnings of the town of Maysville and the county seat of DeKalb.  Other towns sprung up around the centrally located seat; Fairport to the north, Union Star to the northwest, Oak to the west, Clarksdale and Stewartsville to the southwest, Osborn to the south, Weatherby to the east, and Santa Rosa to the northeast.  Along with these flourishing towns were several other smaller communities in between that have ceased to exist.

    Behind every town, school, church or family are people who molded our DeKalb County area into what it is today.  The settlers and their descendants who came to the area left footprints that have shaped our history. 

                          This directory is dedicated to the entrepreneurs of yesterday and the businesses of today that remain and keep our communities alive.

                                                           Lives of great men all remind us                                             We can make our lives sublime,

                                                           And departing, leave behind us                                                Footprints on the sands of time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A PSALM OF LIFE by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Historical information derived from “A History of DeKalb County Missouri”, published by the DeKalb County Historical Society, 1981.)





Advertising Newspaper

 DeKalb County Record-Herald
201 N Polk        816-449-2121
Maysville, MO 64469
“Your Hometown Newspaper”

Automobile Services

 Baker Repair   
119 E. Main St.     816-449-8697
Maysville, MO 64469
“Blessings on Your Day”

D-Tone Feed & Tire
2089 S. Hwy. 33      816-449-5411
Maysville, MO 64469
“Feed, Tires & Lite Mechanics”

Fairport Auto
50 NE St. Rt. E.       816-449-5008
  Maysville, MO 64469  

cell 816-449-8002
“Complete Auto

Diagnostic & Repair”

Maysville Auto Supply, Inc.  
500 E. Main St.        816-449-2021
Maysville, MO 64469
“We Make Hydraulic Hoses”

MV Auto
275 E. 1st Ave.        816-449-5037
Weatherby, MO 64497
“Auto Repair”

Specialties Plus  
548 Clinton Ave.     816-675-2664
Osborn, MO 64474


 Bank of Fairport
401 W. Main           816-306-0130
Maysville, MO 64469
593 Clinton     Osborn, MO 64474
 “For All Your Banking Needs”

First Security Bank  
108 N. 4th St.             816-593-2291
Union Star, MO 64494
“For All Your Banking Needs Member FDIC”

Independent Farmers Bank  
201 W. Main              816-449-2182
Maysville, MO 64469
1303 N. Main            816-669-1353
Stewartsville, MO 64490
 “Experience What a Community Bank Can Offer”

Barber Shop

Tom’s Barber Shop  
120 W. Main           816-449-5876
Maysville, MO 64469
“Haircuts $8.00”

 Beauty Shops

 The Alternative Look
250 E. Hwy 6           816-449-9943
Maysville, MO 64469
“Hair Salon”

Dekalb County Public Services


DeKalb County Nutrition Center

530 E Hwy 6              816-449-5435

 Maysville, MO 64469
 “Nutritious Lunch $3 Donation for Seniors 60 +”

DeKalb County Public Library
105 N Polk St.            816-449-5695
Maysville, MO 64469

DeKalb -- Clinton Ambulance


DeKalb County Victims Advocate
109 W Main St.          816-449-2083
Maysville, MO 64469

DeKalb Health Services
1007 S. Polk               816-449-2123
Maysville, MO 64469

DeKalb County

Central Fire District
305 S Polk St.          816-449-5163
Maysville, MO 64469

Living Hope Food Pantry
118 W Main               816-449-2163
Maysville, MO 64469
“Living Hope

Strive to End Hunger”

Maysville Senior Living
604 S Polk                 816-449-2741
Maysville, MO 64469
“A Caring Place for

Seniors to Live”

Sunset Home  
1201 S Polk              816-449-2158
Maysville, MO 64469
“We’ve Dedicated Our Lives

to Yours” 


Miss Jeannie’s Deli  
345 Cedar Street         816-593-2131
Union Star, MO 64494
“Where Freshness isn’t a Dream”

301 W Main               816-449-2290
Maysville, MO 64490
“Subway Eat Fresh”


 Ostendorf Family Dentistry  
303 Park Ave.             816-669-3611
Stewartsville, MO 64490
“New Patients Welcome”


Gary Ray Diner
                350 E Hwy 6                  816-449-8179
Maysville, MO 64469

Goldies Farmhouse Restaurant
301 Main                    816-669-1377
Stewartsville, MO 64490
“Open Sundays only- Catering Available Also”

Ted & Juli’s  
112 W Main               816-449-5521
Maysville, MO 64469
“Fried Chicken on Sunday/Taco night Tuesday”

City Offices (Continued)

City Water Plant
1304 S. Polk St.       816-449-5921
Maysville, MO 64469

Region D Recycling &

Waste Management District
114 Main         PO Box 139   

Clarksdale, MO 64430
“Government Entity”

Convenience Stores

Clarksdale General Store 
6202 SW Hwy 6      816-393-5500
Clarksdale, MO 64430
“Pizza, Ice Cream, Daily Specials”

Lawsons Quick Shop  
104 W Hill              816-669-3396
Stewartsville, MO 64490
“Chester’s Chicken Made Fresh”

Union Star Convenience Store  
9031 Hwy 169         816-593-2862
Union Star, MO 64494
“Fuel, Food, Dine-in, Carry-out, Soft-serve Ice Cream”

County of DeKalb

Court House          109 W Main St.
Maysville, MO 64469

County Assessor

 816-449-2212     Ext. 1

               County Clerk              

816-449-5402     Ext. 4

              County Sheriff            

816-449-5802     Ext. 8

      County Treasurer       

 816-449-5810     Ext. 3

Circuit Clerk/Courts   

816-449-2602     Ext. 2

Prosecuting Attorney  

816-449-2279     Ext. 5

             Road & Bridge          

  816-449-5912     Ext. 7


    816-449-5010     Ext. 6

Dairy Equipment & Supplies

   Hamby Dairy Supply  
     2402 SW Water St.    

Maysville, MO 64469
“www. hambydairysupply.com”

DeKalb County

Public Services

  DeKalb County

  Historical Society

 116 W Main      816-449-5451

Maysville, MO 64469

“Preserve Yesterday 

For Tomorrow”

(continued far left)

Post Offices

           112 E Grand Ave.          

Cameron, MO 64429

                102 E May St.                

Clarksdale, Mo 64430

               303 W Main St.               

Maysville, MO 64469

          600 Clinton Ave.            

Osborn, MO 64474


406 S Main St


Stewartsville, MO 64490

Union Star
                335 Cedar St.                  


Union Star, MO 64494

               148 N Main St.                

Weatherby, MO 64497


 Farmer Printing 

104 W Main             816-449-5832
Maysville, MO 64469

"All Types of Printing"

Processing Meat

 Hyatt Processing  
        4201 SW Patton Rd         

Amity. MO 64422
“Custom Processing”



 Century 21 Crossroads
602 B Lana Dr.        816-632-4884
Cameron, MO 64429
“Real Estate”


 Dollar General
              1104 S Polk St.              

Maysville, MO 64469
“Serving Others Everyday”

 (continued  far left)

Welding Businesses (continued)

 Sweiger Shop, Inc.
             5502 NE Dallas Rd           

Weatherby, MO 64497
“Welding and Machine Shop”


 Prairie Flower Quilts 
1343 NE Hebron Rd.

Maysville, MO 64469
“Long Arm Machine Quilting/Custom Quilts”

Churches (Continued)


 First Baptist Church
109 W. English St.   816-669-3263
Stewartsville, MO 64490 

Community of Christ Church
908 Clinton St.
Stewartsville, MO 64490

Maple Grove Church
6827 SW Gridley Rd.
Stewartsville, MO 64490

208 W. Tenth St.
Stewartsville, MO 64490

United Methodist Church
1004 Main St.          816-669-3280
Stewartsville, MO 64490

Union Star

 First Baptist Church
198 N 8th St.            816-593-2306
Union Star, MO 64494

First Presbyterian Church
9174 Hwy 169         816-593-2386
Union Star, MO 64494

Flag Springs Baptist Church

19350 Country Rd. 221


Union Star, MO 64494

United Methodist Church
475 Cedar St.           816-593-2422
Union Star, MO 64494


 Hopewell Baptist Church
2550 NE Gospel Rd.
Mike Wolf at 660-483-0722
Weatherby, MO 64497

Maysville Christian Fellowship
        6050 NE State Route D           816-449-2150
Weatherby, MO 64497

City Offices

   City Hall     816-675-2239

Osborn, MO 64474

City Hall

 201 N. Main         816-393-5363
Clarksdale, MO 64430

City Hall

200 North Camden  816-449-2185
Maysville, MO 64469

City Hall
1307 Main St.          816-669-3278
Stewartsville, MO 64490

Insurance Companies

Greg Carrel Insurance
108 Hill Street         816-669-1210
Stewartsville, MO 64490
“Here to Help with

Your Insurance Needs"

 Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance 
1105 S. Polk    816-449-2143
Maysville, MO 64469  

New York Life
             212 W Main St.           
Maysville, MO 64469
“Insurance Retirement & Long Term Care Planning”


Shelter Insurance 
113 E Main      PO Box 72    

Maysville, MO 64469
“Home/Life/Auto/Property Ins.”


State Farm  
250 E Hwy 6            816-449-2673
 Maysville, MO 64469



Maysville Laundromat  

         110 W King St         

Maysville, MO 64469
“We do Laundry

for You on Tuesdays”


Cameron Family Pharmacy

          1303 N Walnut           

Cameron, MO 64429

Randolph Drug Store
301 S Polk               816-449-2700
Maysville, MO 64469


R. Kassel, MD
       602 Lana Drive Suite D        

Cameron, MO 6442


 Martin Plumbing  
114 W Main             816-449-2710
Maysville, MO 64469
martinplmg@yahoo.com“New Construction Plumbing, Business/Homes

Tractor Parts & Repairs

 Wells Implement
901 W Hwy 6         816-449-2116
Maysville, MO 64469
“Check Us Out for Parts & Service Needs”

Welding Businesses

 Double D Welding

         5381 SE Adams Rd         

Maysville, MO 64469
“Quality Work at a Fair Price!”

Churches (Continued)

First Baptist Church
202 E Ford St.   816-632-7251
Cameron, MO 64429

Kingdom Hall of

Jehovah’s Witnesses
920 N Pine St.          816-632-3466
Cameron, MO 64429

New Life Church of God
202 Lovers LN        816-632-1648
Cameron, MO 64429

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
           209 Little Brick Rd.           

Cameron, MO 64429

United Pentecostal Church
9529 US 69             816-632-7608
Cameron, MO 64429 


 Church of Christ
110 W. Elm St.         816-261-8279
Clarksdale, MO 64430

Clarksdale Baptist Church
213 N. 2nd St.             P.O. Box 25
Clarksdale, MO 64430

Clarksdale Christian Church
401 N Main             816-393-5518
Clarksdale, MO 64430

Clarksdale Methodist Church
Clarksdale, MO 64430


 Fairport Baptist Church
551 NE Main Rd.    816-449-5050
Maysville, MO 64469

First Baptist Church
300 W. Main St.       816-449-2731
Maysville, MO 64469

First Christian Church
109 Washington St.    PO Box 397
Maysville, MO 64469

St Aloysius Catholic Church
301 S Water St.        816-632-2768
Maysville, MO 64469

United Methodist Church
400 W Main St.       816-449-2108
Maysville, MO 64469

Osborn Baptist Church
351 Clinton Ave.      816-675-2011
Osborn, MO 64474

United Methodist Church
Clinton St.                816-675-2336
Osborn, MO 64474



             Dungy’s Market             
501 S Polk St           816-449-2170
Maysville, MO 64469
“Full Line Grocery Store”

The Cameron Market
          1303 N Walnut          

Cameron, MO 64429
“Grocery Store, Full Service Bakery, Deli, Floral”

The Old Cookstove
          119 SE Rosa Rd           

Maysville, MO 64469
“Bakery, Deli, Bulk Foods & Specialty Coffee”

Hardware Stores

Bakers True Value
108 West Main        816-449-2702
Maysville, MO 64469      
“Full Line Hardware & Variety”

Home Improvements

Custom Crafters  
214 Main Street       816-261-5046
Clarksdale, MO 64430     

 Ed Riley Construction

Co., Inc.  
207 E. 8th Street      816-632-3396
Cameron, MO 64429

Porter Building Center

920 W Grand   816-632-3396

Cameron, MO 64429


Workman Fencing and Construction 
           8950 NW State Rt. E          

King City, MO 64463     
 “Build With The Best Let Workman Do The Rest”

Income Tax Service

Maysville Accounting

& Tax Service
250 E Hwy 6            816-449-5344
Maysville, MO 64469      

Specialty Businesses

Barlow Farms, LLC

              ​151 Clinton Ave.            

Osborn, MO 64474
“Retail Store – Open Seasonally”

Faithful Acres Alpacas

           1343 NE Hebron Rd          

Maysville, MO 64469
“Alpaca Farm Tours/

Onsite Farm Store”


 Eastside Tavern
109 S Polk
Maysville, MO 64469
“Est. 1936 – Beer and

Serving Wine”

Beauty Shops (Continued)

Hairport Family Haircutters  
115 S. Polk              816-449-5631
Maysville, MO 64469
“Colors, Perms, Men &

Women Haircuts”

Heather’s Hair Den  
216 Main St.            816-273-2616
Clarksdale, MO 64430
“Full Service Salon”

Keepin Company
207 Main                816-669-3486
Stewartsville, MO 64490
“Family Hair Salon”

Lila’s Salon  
202 S. 3rd                816-593-2409
Union Star, MO 64494
“Haircuts, Colors, Perms, Tanning, Products”

Building Contractors

 Luxz Construction  
111 N. Polk St.         816-752-2258
Maysville, MO 64469
“No Job Too Big or Small”

T-N-L Drywall and Construction
400 N. Polk              816-449-2019
Maysville, MO 64469
Roofing • Painting • Siding


Outlaws Café
596 Clinton Ave.     816-675-2024
Osborn, MO 64474



Amity United Methodist Church
4101 Church St.       816-449-5440
Amity, MO 64422

Oak Christian Church
8875 W Hwy. 6       816-393-5573

Amity, MO 64422


CameronCameron United Methodist Church
201 N Pine St.          816-632-3461
Cameron, MO 64429

Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-day Saints
            1100 E Grand Ave.           

Cameron, MO 64429

Church of the Nazarene
206 Lovers LN        816-632-7812
Cameron, MO 64429

Crossroads Assembly of God
919 N Harris St.       816-632-2427
Cameron, MO 64429

Electrical Contractors

 Scobee Powerline

Construction, LLC
602 Lana Drive Ste. E
P.O. Box 554            816-632-5720
Cameron, MO 64429

Fertilizer Companies

Stagner Fertilizer

             9136 West Hwy 6            

Amity, MO 64422
“Farm Fertilizer & Chemicals

Star Labs  
PO Box 77             800-894-5396
Clarksdale, MO 64430
“Four Decades of Stability”


 Move It Fitness  
109 N Polk               816-284-2317
Maysville, MO 64469
“Let’s Get Moving Maysville”


 Cameron Market Floral & Gifts
            1303 N. Walnut St.          

Cameron, MO 64429

Flower Co.  
       210 W Main Suite 3         

Maysville, MO 64469

Furnace – Heating

 Hutch’s Heating & Cooling LLC 
163 N 2nd St.      

800-874-3356         816-593-2412
Union Star, MO 64494
“Heating & Cooling Services”

Funeral Homes

 Turner Family Funeral Home  
P.O. Box 350            816-449-2126
Maysville, MO 64469
“Our Family …

Serving Your Family”

Turner Family Funeral Home
      303 DeKalb Street     

Stewartsville, MO 64490


Maysville R-1 School
601 W Main   816-449-2308

Maysville, MO 64469

Stewartsville Public School
          902 N Buchanan St.        

Stewartsville, MO 64490

Osborn R-0 School District
              275 Clinton Ave.           

Osborn, MO 64474

Union Star School District R-2
          6132 NW State Route Z        816-593-2294
Union Star, MO 64494